Saturday, 15 October 2011

Going nuclear -redux II

Back at base after a nice break from work.  I had thought I would get some writing done, but in the end very little happened on that front.

Anyway, having finally had some feedback from Smashwords on what needed to be changed to get on to the premium catalogue, I made the corrections.  Books come in two basic formats, block paragraphs for non-fiction which have a trailing space after each paragraph or first line indent, normally used for fiction, which do not have a trailing space.  That is fine, my problem was that I mixed both styles using a first line indent with a small trailing space.  Unfortunately, it is only at the manual review stage you get told this is the problem.  Until then you are left mystified.  Anyway, I have now removed all trailing spaces so fingers crossed it will work.

The only thing is, at the moment, Smashwords just will not accept any uploads from me (been trying at various times of day and night) for the last 24 hours.  All that happens is that you go to re-upload, select file, hit the button and then wait.... an eternity is seems. The first couple of seconds there is a lot of up/down traffic as you would expect, then it goes to zero... and stays zero.  You have no reassuring message saying percent uploaded or anything just a 0b/0b message.  If I am doing nothing else, Safari sometimes comes back with the "line dropped" message.

I have been looking around to see what other's say.  So far nothing like this from others.

All a bit frustrating when I think I am close to having the formatting right.  Sod's law in fact.

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