Sunday, 23 October 2011

Blazer Fables

This book has been sitting at my bedside for a few weeks now.

A collection of interlinked short stories set in the stifling confines of a 1960s tradition obsessed Public School.  The boys are mildly rebellious, the masters daydreaming, both mostly oblivious to the world outside.

Buck Theorem has written each story in a slightly different style but over the course of the book you end up with a feel for the school and some of its inmates (yes, public school felt like prison to me).

The best is saved to last "Now that we are here" has a gentle build up to a powerful ending with a sublime description of an afternoon spent doing mostly nothing.  Really I wanted more of this one

If you liked some of the hinted stories around the edge of "If..." then this is for you.  But be warned, no machine guns at the end, but something else....

Blazer Fables - paperback

Blazer Fables e-book

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