Saturday, 3 September 2016

Censorship on Amazon

I have been reading of issues of censorship on Amazon, with some books no longer being visible unless you have selected 'adult content', this includes books such as Alexander's Choice for instance.

I have just checked, and Alexander's Choice does appear, but it will show you no more until you select 'show adult content'. Not a problem but when does a book move into this category?

Alexander's Choice does indeed have some 'adult content' but it is all in the context of the story, not for titilation.

When writing Scholarship, originally there was similar content, but in the end I decided to self censor as to me, 'adult content' was not the main purpose of the book and if had been reasonably truthful to my own experiences, it would have been very repetitive. So I still stick by my decision even though some have asked for more details. Sorry that is unlikely to happen!


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