Friday, 21 March 2014

Writings, scribblings etc

I have also had some more feedback on Scholarship, which is always gratifying.  One thing I have noticed is that if one is minded to buy the paperback version, it is worth checking the prices at Amazon as well as at Lulu as they do seem to fluctuate with Amazon often cheaper.  Quite how, given Amazon takes a third of the published price, I do not know.  But take advantage of it, sales are always very gratifying even if I do not actually receive any money myself.

'Sales' of Scholarship be it downloads or actual books continue steadily, somewhat to my surprise, I was expecting some sort of decaying trend but no things continue at the same pace.  On blogspot I can see where the sources of traffic are, it is predictably UK biased but with a reach into places like the USA, Canada, Australia and Germany.


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