Monday, 28 January 2013

New Version of Scholarship

With the kind help of N Fourbois acting as editor, there is now a revised version of Scholarship.  It has been uploaded to and will appear at in due course.

Editing is more than just correcting a few typos and (my weakness) overly complex sentence structures (sorted by exchanging some commas for full stops), it is also about being asked occasionally why you wrote what you did.

The best example of the latter is my comment about Michaelmas being an odd name for the autumn term.  This is a classic error rooted in my childhood (I have a habit of mistaking one word for another), I always mistook Michealmas for Christmas.  I have now been educated as to the difference (Michaelmas is actually totally separate for Christmas and occurs around the 29th of September).

Some interesting discussions also ensued on the names of positions in a rugby team (my editor is fortunately someone who knows the game well) and the change from holding around the waist to Sacha's hold on me which was up between the legs holding on to my waist.

A couple of sentences have changed as a result, I hope for the better!

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