Sunday, 1 January 2012

2012 And a new Beginning

A new beginning sounds terribly trite at this time of year but over the last 48 hours, I have managed to evolve the plot of "The Island" further and also find, I hope, a proper title.

The title I am keeping quiet about at the moment but it was called for as of course someone (in fact Ian Hislop's wife) has already used "The Island" so I now have to give the island a name.  I avoided the obvious one and looked at various avian themes but all were taken - except the obvious one.  So that, for now, is what it will be called.

As for the plot, well I have 60 odd pages of disconnected prose.  This has come about as I am following the advice to plonk down text as it occurs to me and not get too worried about how it hits the page. Some of it will be rubbish but some of it will be usable.

The plot itself is continuing to evolve but I have now developed a non-linear concept as our hero's past comes back to him gradually.

Also important (to me as a geographer) is I now have a proper mental map of the island.  It's based on a rasher of back bacon.  Simple but for me it works well with the location (and did I mention the presence of pigs?)

More later on some atmospheric Island set films.

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